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  • As one of the leading Global Venture Accelerator and strategic Advisory firm in helping Australian products enter China、 US and Canada Market.


    The mission of Dafu Ventures is to deliver the most superior service to entrepreneurs and innovation products in helping them rapidly growth. Also, Dafu afford the most valuable product to each corner of the world in easily accessible form while staying true to the DNA of all our partner brands.

    The services we provide integrate key resources and strategic partnerships in order to raise capitals, penetrate new market, and execute innovative strategy for companies that are striving to be globally competitive. One of the area that we focus on is the Consumer Goods because of the raising of strong buyers in China. We launched this site to help companies understanding on how to do business in China.



    Headquarters, Dallas, TX


    Dafu Ventures Australia is a sister company with DFW Excellerator, which headquartered in Dallars, Texas. The company is established in Melbourne in the context of strong and developing relationship between Australia and China. Our vision is to build a strong bridge and channel to enhance the connectivity of Consumer Goods and technology innovation between Australia and China. Dafu Ventures Australia works closely with the two governments and principal enterprises to create a mutually beneficial and win-win commercial cooperation community. Sharing the huge business opportunities brought by the cooperation between the two countries.

     Jason Liu
    Founder & CEO



    Proven strategic leader with over 15 years extensive experience in operation, technology and entrepreneurship. Solid track record of building multi-million dollar operations from scratch creating shareholder wealth along with profitable exists in both US and China. Jason has served in leadership positions of global corporations as well as multiple startups. He has a proven record of success in launching new markets, turnarounds, and starting new business groups, introducing new products and services, winning market share and exceeding revenue and sales goals.


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